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Empowering Progress Inspiring Impact

Welcome to Rhodes Companies, your partner for business growth and success. With 70 years of entrepreneurial experience, we guide businesses to their next stage, whether you're a business owner looking for expansion or a broker representing a promising company.


Let's collaborate for success - explore our services, join our network, and continue the legacy of achievement.

Our Portfolio

Empowering Progress, Inspiring Impact: A journey through the diverse portfolio of Rhodes Companies reveals a culture where humble ambition fuels value creation, innovation, and enduring impact. Whether it's promising startups or established enterprises, Rhodes Companies nurtures a vibrant ecosystem ripe with opportunities for transformative growth and sustainable success.

70+ Years of Growth

Supporting the American Dream

For over seven decades, the teams at Rhodes Companies have vigorously pursued the vision of a better tomorrow. Upholding the enduring values of hard work, respect, and calculated risk-taking, they subscribe to the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Business Conference

Connect with Us

Be a part of our transformative journey towards a thriving and impactful community. Together, we can empower businesses, ignite opportunities, and create a lasting generational impact.

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